Enviro Microwave Oven ENR-MI20XM2 W - BL

Rs 9,999
Rs 10,500 4.77 %

Enviro Microwave Oven ENR-25XDG4 (New Model)

Rs 16,499
Rs 17,000 2.95 %

Enviro Microwave Oven ENR-38XDG2 (New Model)

Rs 18,999
Rs 19,900 4.53 %

Enviro Microwave Oven ENR-30XDG (New Model)

Rs 17,499
Rs 18,490 5.36 %

Enviro Microwave Oven ENR-25XMG2 (New Model)

Rs 14,999
Rs 15,500 3.23 %

Explore the top brand microwave ovens online in Pakistan

The prime segment of your home needs to be fully accessorized with necessities. We are sure that microwave ovens are vital to your kitchens. From cooking, defrosting to baking and much more, few button knocks will present you your favourite meals in minutes. But!

Have you owned an oven, worthy enough to fulfil your cooking needs and desires? If not, you can easily buy a microwave oven online in Pakistan. However, there are certain points you need to account while purchasing its microwave oven online.

Key points

  • Built-in cooking setting
  • Convection and grill option
  • Size of the oven
  • Capacity
  • Power
  • Pre-set programs
  • Smart display
  • InoxTerior

You need to choose the best fit as it's going to be your partner for a longer run. The aforementioned features of microwaves can be seen in various brands such as Enviro microwave ovens comes with versatile size and capacity, while Dawlance microwaves give you ultimate power and InoxTerior features. Meanwhile, Haier microwave ovens are the best in terms of pre-set programs.

Pro-tip is to research before ordering. While searching for the best product we become baffled as to which type of microwave oven we should go for. In this case, we have sorted 4 microwave types you need to select before probing into the features and make a decision.

  • Solo microwave oven
  • Grill microwave oven
  • Freestanding microwave oven
  • Built-in microwave ovens

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Our extensive range of brands provides high-end products that not only fulfil the basic needs but also help in baking, broiling, and much more. Perhaps, whichever microwave oven you will choose, it will have a portable tray along with the dishwasher safe.

Various other features have also been introduced with the advancement of technology, such as child lock, cycle alerts, etc. which gives you help and safety.   

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