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Haier 1 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner HSU-12HFPAA/CA/BG (W,G,S,B)
Rs 71,999 Rs 72,000
Haier 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner HSU-18HFPAA/CA/BG (W,G,S,B)
Rs 89,999 Rs 90,999
Haier 32" Inch H32B9M (Miracast TV)
Rs 28,049 Rs 28,900
Haier 1.5 Ton Smart Inverter Air Conditioner HSU-18HFMAC/AD/AE-DC (W)
Rs 88,999 Rs 91,999
Haier 1 Ton Smart Inverter Air Conditioner HSU-12HFMAC/AD/AE-DC (W)
Rs 69,999 Rs 70,200
Enviro Microwave Oven ENR-MI20XM2 W - BL
Rs 9,249 Rs 9,999
Enviro Halogen Heater ET-HH 1260
Rs 4,849 Rs 5,299
Enviro Fan Heater ET-FH1722
Rs 3,249 Rs 3,500
Enviro Fan Heater ET-FH1704
Rs 2,699 Rs 3,000
Haier Floor Standing Air Conditioner 4.0 Ton HPU-48H03
Rs 172,799 Rs 180,000
Haier Side by Side Inverter Refrigerator HRF-622IBG (Glass Door)
Rs 136,999 Rs 138,000
Haier Side by Side Inverter Refrigerator HRF-622ICG
Rs 133,999 Rs 136,000
Haier Side by Side Inverter Refrigerator HRF-578TBP
Rs 131,999 Rs 134,000
Haier Floor Standing Air Conditioner 4.0 Ton HPU-48C03
Rs 159,999 Rs 162,000
Haier HW85-BP12826 Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine - 8.5 KG
Rs 85,699 Rs 88,900
Haier Hob HCC519DGS 5 Burner glass
Rs 35,499 Rs 37,000
Haier 43" Inch H-CAST series H43D2FM (Miracast TV)
Rs 40,649 Rs 41,900
Haier Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine HWM 90-1789 G
Rs 40,999 Rs 43,750
Enviro Gas Water Heater 6 liter Geyser - EIIG 6L
Rs 11,899 Rs 13,499
Enviro Water Dispenser WD-80 Black
Rs 21,449 Rs 22,999
Haier Electric Built-in Built-in Oven HDL-25UG21
Rs 30,499 Rs 32,000
Haier Electric Built-in Built-in Oven HDL-25NG22
Rs 26,499 Rs 28,000
Haier Side by Side Inverter Refrigerator HRF-748KG
Rs 189,999 Rs 192,000
Haier Side by Side Inverter Refrigerator HRF-578TBG
Rs 136,999 Rs 138,500
Haier Refrigerator HRF-438TPR/TPB
Rs 61,499 Rs 62,100
Haier Cabinet 2 Ton Air Conditioner Cool Only HPU-24CEO3/YB (R410a)
Rs 106,599 Rs 111,000
Haier Refrigerator Digital Inverter HRF-306IDBT/IDRT Black and Red
Rs 54,499 Rs 56,900
Haier Refrigerator HRF-398TPR/TPB
Rs 57,999 Rs 58,300
Haier Refrigerator HRF-368 TPR/TPB
Rs 55,999 Rs 56,400
Haier DC Inverter Air Conditioner HSU-18HFAB /AD/AE/CD/CE/CF/BG (DC)
Rs 83,999 Rs 87,300
Enviro EI-CH 555 Heavy Chopper
Rs 6,649 Rs 7,999
Haier UHD TV 65" Android LED LE65K6600UG
Rs 132,799 Rs 136,900
Enviro Digital Kettle KE-7466T-GS
Rs 4,499 Rs 6,499
Envrio Sandwich Maker EI-SM 108
Rs 2,399 Rs 2,999
Haier HWD-336R Water Dispenser - Red
Rs 23,849 Rs 23,999
Haier HWD-336B Water Dispenser - Black
Rs 23,849 Rs 23,999
Haier Deep Freezer Inverter HDF-285IM Grey
Rs 41,699 Rs 44,000
Orange Full HD LED TV 40 Inches SOL40L8F
Rs 27,999 Rs 39,999
Haier Side by Side Inverter Refrigerator HRF-622IBS
Rs 124,999 Rs 126,500
Haier Deep Freezer HDF-245 I ( Inverter) Chest Freezer
Rs 38,199 Rs 40,900
Rs 37,399 Rs 39,500
Haier Hob HCC630DGG 3 Burner glass
Rs 17,899 Rs 19,400
Haier Semi Automatic Washing Machine HWM-100BSR
Rs 19,499 Rs 21,700
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80-000
Rs 19,499 Rs 21,500
Haier Front Load Washing Machine 7 kg HW70-BP10829
Rs 71,999 Rs 73,700
Haier Washing Machine HW100-B14876
Rs 107,999 Rs 110,000
Haier Air Conditioner HSU-12HJ- DC (G)
Rs 76,999 Rs 83,000
Haier DC Inverter Air Conditioner HSU-12HJ- DC (S , W)
Rs 76,999 Rs 83,000
Haier Split Air Conditioner 2.0 Ton HSU-24LTC
Rs 94,999 Rs 97,000
Haier smart Inverter HSU-12HFAB /AD/AE/CD/CE/CF/BG (DC) (W)
Rs 67,999 Rs 68,300
Haier Hob HCC631DGG 3 Burner glass
Rs 21,199 Rs 22,700
Haier Glass Door Refrigerator HRF 216 EPB / EPC / EPR
Rs 36,999 Rs 38,600
Haier HR-62 WL Single Door Refrigerator
Rs 20,749 Rs 21,600
Enviro Table Blender EI-8830
Rs 3,349 Rs 3,999
Enviro Cooking Range 3 Burner ECR-3-16
Rs 18,799 Rs 20,500
Envrio Cooking Range 5 Burner ECR-5-16
Rs 19,699 Rs 21,500
Enviro DC Inverter 1,5 Ton Grande Series EAC-18 TQ-GR/DC
Rs 82,349 Rs 89,999
Enviro 3-in-1 Juicer Blender EI-178 JBG
Rs 5,249 Rs 5,999
Enviro Heavy Iron HI-2700/2750
Rs 1,399 Rs 2,999
Enviro DC Inverter Galaxy Series EAC-24 QX/DC-Inverter 2 Ton
Rs 107,999 Rs 117,999
Enviro DC Inverter 1 Ton Galaxy Series EAC-12 QX-GL/DC
Rs 61,999 Rs 66,999
Enviro Water Dispenser WD-80 Red
Rs 21,449 Rs 22,999
Enviro Water Dispenser WD-50
Rs 17,699 Rs 18,999
Enviro Microwave Oven ENR-25XDG4 (New Model)
Rs 15,249 Rs 16,499
Enviro Microwave Oven ENR-38XDG2 (New Model)
Rs 18,399 Rs 19,900
Enviro Microwave Oven ENR-20XM8 (Model)
Rs 9,249 Rs 9,999
Haier Air Conditioner HSU-18HJ- DC (G)
Rs 126,699
Haier DC Inverter Air Conditioner HSU-18HJ- DC (S , W)
Rs 121,199
Haier Digital Inverter Refrigerator HRF-438IPB/IPR
Rs 65,499 Rs 66,200
Haier Digital Inverter Refrigerator HRF-398IPB/IPR
Rs 62,499 Rs 63,200
Haier Digital Inverter Refrigerator HRF-368IPB/IPR
Rs 59,499 Rs 60,100
Haier Refrigerator Digital Inverter HRF-438IDB/IDR
Rs 67,499 Rs 68,200
Haier Refrigerator Digital Inverter HRF-398IDB/IDR
Rs 64,499 Rs 65,200
Haier Refrigerator Digital Inverter HRF-368IDB/IDR
Rs 61,499 Rs 62,100
Haier Glass Door Refrigerator HRF-438EPR /EPB / EPC
Rs 59,999 Rs 60,600
Haier Refrigerator E-Star Series HHRF-438EBS /EBD/EBR/EBB
Rs 55,499 Rs 55,600
Haier Refrigerator HRF-398EPR /EPB/EPC Direct Cooling E-Star
Rs 56,499 Rs 56,800
Haier Refrigerator E-Star Series HRF-398EBS /EBD/EBR/EBB
Rs 51,499 Rs 51,800
Haier Refrigerator Glass Door HRF-368EPR /EPB / EPC
Rs 54,499 Rs 54,900
Haier Refrigerator HRF-368EBS /EBD/EBR/EBB
Rs 49,499 Rs 49,900
Haier kettle HKT-4401
Rs 3,799
Haier Blender HBL-1009
Rs 3,999 Rs 4,249
Haier Blender HBL-1120
Rs 5,399 Rs 5,799
Haier Toaster HTA-01302
Rs 2,899 Rs 2,999
Haier Toaster HTA-01305
Rs 3,099 Rs 3,249
Haier Sandwich Maker HST-1001
Rs 3,099 Rs 3,349
Haier Sandwich Maker HST-1003
Rs 3,299 Rs 3,499
Haier Elegant Microwave Oven HDL- 2070MX
Rs 9,849 Rs 12,749
Haier Microwave Oven HDL-20MX63
Rs 9,849 Rs 12,749
Haier Refrigerator HRF-306 EPC/EPB/EPR (Glass Door)
Rs 46,499 Rs 47,900
Haier 12 kg Top Load Washing Machine HWM-120-1678 (Local)
Rs 62,999 Rs 64,000
Haier Fully Automatic Washing Machine HWM 85-1708
Rs 38,999 Rs 42,250
Haier Washing Machine Fully Automatic  HWM-95-1678
Rs 51,599 Rs 53,000
Haier 12 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine HWM 120-826
Rs 49,999 Rs 52,450
Haier HWM 85-826 Top Loading Automatic Washing Machine 8.5 Kg
Rs 35,999 Rs 39,000
Haier Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine HWM 120-1789 12KG
Rs 53,999 Rs 55,500
Haier Top Load Automatic Washing Machine HWM-150-1789
Rs 57,999 Rs 60,550
Haier Top Load Washing Machine HWM120-826E
Rs 48,999 Rs 51,450
Haier Refrigerator HRF-276 EPR/EPB/EPC
Rs 42,499 Rs 44,100
Haier Refrigerator HRF-276 EBS/EBD/EBR
Rs 38,499 Rs 40,300
Haier Direct Cool Refrigerator HRF-246 EPR / EPB / EPC
Rs 40,499 Rs 41,900
HAIER 10 KG Twin TUB Washing Machine HWM-100AS
Rs 18,999 Rs 20,700
Haier HWM 80-100SR 8 KG Twin Tub Semi Automatic Washing Machine
Rs 19,999 Rs 21,900
Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine HWM 80AS
Rs 16,999 Rs 18,700
Haier Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM 75AS
Rs 16,499 Rs 18,200
Rs 14,999 Rs 16,200
Haier Washing Machine HWM-80-50 Milky White
Rs 11,999 Rs 13,000
Haier Spinner 6 Kg HD 60-50 (Milky white/Gray)
Rs 9,999 Rs 10,700
Haier E-Star Refrigerator HRF 246 EBS / EBD / EBR
Rs 36,499 Rs 38,100
Haier Refrigerator 8 CFT HRF-216 EBS / EBD / EBR
Rs 33,499 Rs 33,800
Haier Deep Freezer BD-245 SD - 8 CFT
Rs 35,499 Rs 37,500
Haier Deep Freezer BD-345SD FULL FREEZER
Rs 40,699 Rs 43,500
Haier HR 126 WL Bed Room Size Refrigerator
Rs 23,599 Rs 24,600
Haier Deep Freezer HDF-325 I (Inverter)
Rs 46,499 Rs 48,500
Haier LED TV 50 Inches LE50K6600UG (4K UHD Android TV)
Rs 78,449 Rs 80,900
Haier LED TV 32 Inch LE32K6600G (Andriod Smart TV)
Rs 34,799 Rs 35,900
Haier 50" H-CAST Series LED - LE50B9600M (Miracast TV)
Rs 58,099 Rs 59,900

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