Changhong Ruba Air Conditioner(AC) CSDH-18WA/GA03G 1.5 Ton


Changhong Ruba DC Inverter CSDC-12BAH 1 Ton


Changhong Ruba DC Inverter CSDH-12WA/GA03G 1 Ton

-20% OFF

Dawlance Active Cool Series DC Inverter 1.5 Ton (Low Voltage Startup)

Rs.54,999 Rs.68,500
-7% OFF

Dawlance Econo DC Inverter Series 1.5 TON (60 percent Energy Saving)

Rs.62,999 Rs.68,000
-21% OFF

Dawlance Pro-Active Series - 1.5 TON DC Inverter (Dual Function)

Rs.54,999 Rs.70,000
-9% OFF

Enviro DC Inverter EAC-12DB/DC 1-Ton

Rs.47,999 Rs.52,900
-20% OFF

Enviro DC Inverter EAC-12LCF/DC 1-Ton

Rs.39,999 Rs.49,999
-10% OFF

Enviro DC Inverter EAC-12LD/DC 1-Ton

Rs.45,999 Rs.50,900
-8% OFF

Enviro DC Inverter EAC-12TQ/DC 1-Ton

Rs.52,319 Rs.56,900
-10% OFF

Enviro DC Inverter EAC-18DB/DC 1.5-Ton

Rs.60,351 Rs.66,900
-9% OFF

Enviro DC Inverter EAC-18LD/DC 1.5-Ton

Rs.58,566 Rs.64,500
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