About Us

The Ruba-SEZ Group began its ground breaking journey in 1971. Since its inception, the group has continuously raised the bar of its quality, expertise and technology in order to remain well informed and up to date with the ever changing market trends. Our visionary group has a diverse projects catalog which allows us to serve this nation in various sectors inclusive of Electronics, Lighting, Lifestyle, Automotive, Retail, Supply Chain, Construction and more.

Living up to its name, the Ruba-SEZ group has now entered online consumer business with a unique online mega store ‘JoChaho.pk’, which caters to the ever-growing online shopping needs of Pakistani consumers. It all started with a simple idea of bringing convenience to the shoppers by providing them with a wide range of quality household products at competitive prices. You can be sitting in your office or lounging around your home while you shop for the things you need. The name says it all: Jo Chaho - whatever you want.